New collaboration will simplify the testing of health technology

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HealthCatalyst AS is a collaboration between the three health clusters Norway Health Tech, Norwegian Smart Care Cluster and, Oslo Cancer Cluster . The company aims to build a leading global test and innovation center that develops Norway’s position as a unique facilitator for the future of health and technology services.

The board of HealthCatalyst AS consists of the leaders of the three clusters: – chairman Arild Kristensen (Norwegian Smart Care Cluster), Ketil Widerberg (Oslo Cancer Cluster) and Lena Nymo Helli (Norway Health Tech).

Accelerates the innovation process

NorTrials is a collaboration between regional health authorities and the organizations for the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry, established on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Care Services in 2021. The aim of NorTrials is to strengthen and streamline clinical studies in Norway by offering a collaboration network between various actors in the health and the research sector.

Medical equipment is crucial to most diagnostics and treatment of patients in hospitals. Most hospitals conduct clinical studies to a greater or lesser ex

tent in research, development and testing of medtech equipment. This can be in own research, in collaborative projects with universities and research institutes, or in collaboration with industry. The alliance with NorTrials is important to get even more power behind the goal of making Norway a prominent testing nation.

International marketing and test concept for digital solutions

The collaboration between HealthCatalyst AS and NorTrials center for medical devices  will include, among other things, a common contact point for users where companies, healthcare personnel and researchers can get in touch and get help for the further course. It will also involve developing the test concept for digital solutions, including business models, post market evaluation and service models. International marketing will also be part of the collaboration.

– This collaboration will be a milestone for Norwegian health technology and contribute to strengthen Norway’s position as a test nation. By simplifying testing, we are also creating new jobs, says Lena Nymo Helli in Norway Health Tech.

Jan Gunnar Skogås, center manager, NorTrials

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