Nemonoor has been established to speed up the use of artificial intelligence

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The health sector in Norway will have an even shorter path to some of the country’s best players in artificial intelligence when Norway Health Tech, and seven other players, join forces and establish the Nemonoor initiative.

Norway Health Tech has for a long time showed interested in Artificial Intelligence (KI) and health.  On the latter we cooperate with Oslo Cancer Cluster and Norwegian smart care cluster. Just a couple of weeks ago, the organization held a healthtech festival where well over 100 actors showed up to demonstrate new health technology. Her

“AI hold a very big potential in health care, where we have huge volume of data that are currently underutilized. This combined with critical lack of resources build the opportunity to deploy AI solutions and deliver value both for patient and care personnel.  We have many member working with AI enabled health solution that need a push to professionalize their solutions and bring them to real life environment. The Nemonoor EDIH will allow us to support our members (both health companies and public sector) in materializing the opportunity and making a difference towards better health outcomes.” 

 CEO Norway Health Tech, Lena Nymo Helli

CEO Norway Health Tech, Lena Nymo Helli


Together with seven other players working with KI, Norway Health Tech has been granted a large EU application. With this, we will form a European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) which will show the importance of artificial intelligence in the country. This center will be called Nemonoor.

Nemonoor will officially begin its services in autumn 2022 and will be in operation until 2029. During these seven years, the initiative will be aimed at private and public health sector throughout Norway. Here, Nemonoor will function as an access to knowledge between the various parties. Led by Erik Andreassen. To the website digi, Andreassen says that Nemonoor will enable access to knowledge about applied artificial intelligence that has been built up over many years.

-This is a fantastic opportunity for Norwegian companies to increase their investment in artificial intelligence, Andreassen tells Digi. The goal is for the parties to be able to apply the knowledge and integrate this as part of the business. In addition to Norway Health Tech, Nemonoor consists of DigitalNorway, the Department of Energy Technology (IFE), NORA / UiO, NTNU, SINTEF, Smart Innovation Norway and Ålesund Knowledge Park (ÅKP).

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