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Manuel Leal Garcia


+43 676 6114540

Did you know that 9 out of 10 studies fail to meet their recruitment targets? About 80% of all studies are significantly delayed and many are then even discontinued due to lack of subjects.
That’s why we developed Probando! The platform where every researcher and every company can make studies, product tests and surveys available to everyone. With our service we help society and create social value!
We are convinced that many people want to participate in studies. Through us they get an exclusive access, can improve their life situation significantly, get latest therapies, test products before they are available on the market and even earn extra money.

We are always interested in expanding our know-how in the field of health and its development. New contacts, new experiences and possible cooperations are therefore our top priority. Probando is in the process of internationalization and we would like to invite Norwegian companies and researchers to talk to us about possible collaborations. Both for us as a service provider in Norway and for Norwegian companies that are interested in establishing themselves in the German-speaking world.

Looking for contacts within:

We are looking for contacts to the pharmaceutical industry, drug companies, clinical trials, health tech companies and startups, biotech companies and all those who are interested in establishing their research and products in German-speaking countries.