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Gloria Pötz


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digitAAL Life GmbH specializes in the development of innovative digital solutions for health and care. Together with strategic partners from research, medicine and practice, digitAAL Life has developed a tablet-based training game for multimodal activation of cognitive performance, which has already been launched on the German-speaking market. The regular training can be used by individuals at home alone or with relatives. Each training session of about 45 minutes has a specific theme and contains a sequence of exercise tasks that stimulate the different senses of humans.

Reason for participating:

Get in touch with strategic partners, which cooperate in the transfer of the content and support our business development. Because our product is designed to improve cognitive performance in elderly care, we want to learn more about innovative Post Covid-19 solutions.

Looking for contacts within:

We are looking for regional network partners for transferring the content to their cultural context and to work with us on business development in their region. Furthermore, we are looking for organizations in the field of health, care and social services, which are interested in our product.