Testing Cyber physical systems under uncertainty




Oslo Medtech, Norway
Simula Research Laboratory, norway
Fraunhofer Fokus, Germany
Technical University of Wien, Austria
ULMA Handling systems, Spain
Future Position X, Sweden
Nordic Medtest AB, Sweden
Easy Global Market, France


European Union Horizon 2020 program


Waqar Ahmed

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs) are the next generation embedded software system interacting with their physical environment over a communication infrastructure. These systems are increasingly used in safety/mission critical domains such as healthcare, automatized logistics, transportation, and other big industries.

CPSs must be reliable, robust, efficient, safe, and secure, even in the presence of uncertainty. Dealing with uncertainty at an acceptable cost is vital to avoid posing undue threats to the system users and the environment. Reliability, robustness, efficiency, safety, and security in CPSs are facets of a more general property often known as “dependability”. Improving system dependability first and foremost relies on the ability to verify and validate CPSs in a cost-effective manner.

The ideas for U-Test emerged as a result of work done in Norwegian Centre for Research Based Innovation, SFI-Certus and aims to improve dependability of CPSs by supporting a holistic testing of the systems under uncertainty in a cost-effective manner.