Eksport aksellerasjonsprogram til USA i Minneapolis, MN


Aleap - the health incubator
RQR Partners


Innovation Norway


Trine Radmann

Norway Health Tech og Aleap har signert en samarbeidsavtale med RQR Partners i Minneapolis for å jobbe med strategi for å gå inn på det amerikanske markedet.

Se tekst på engelsk:

Norway Health Tech and the incubator Aleap have signed an agreement with RQR Partners, providing Norwegian health tech companies guidance on how to commercialize in the American health tech market. The agreement consists of three different activities, where the first is an open workshop with a dedicated market expert.

The first workshop will provide you with advice and statements, including a Q&A session. The workshop will be held February 26th in the Social zone in Medical Growth House at 13.00. The workshop is open to all health companies interested in accelerating into the US.

The second happening is individual consulting sessions and One-to-One meetings between the RQR Partners and member companies. This will happen week 9 in Oslo Science Park, i.e. 26th of February until March 2nd. This meeting will provide each company with first-hand knowledge on what the company should do short term to prepare the business for US entry.

The third action will happen in Minneapolis in September/October 2018 and consists of individual activities, based on a tailored program related to the different health businesses and manufacturers, suppliers and service providers. In Minneapolis the companies will have individual peer groups discussing regulatory options, reimbursement strategies, IPR, customers engagement, clinician interactions and the different landscape for each of the individual companies. A possible strategic framing with multiple applications, especially for platform technologies, will also be addressed.

Please contact Trine for more information