Tom Preststulen

Preco AS is a private equity investment company in Norway. The most important investments have been made with Elkem in global supply chain enterprises, two in Norway, two in Holland and two in Asia. Preco is also open for «alternative investments», i.a. Tom co-founded a disruptive web real-time-communication company out of Singapore in 2012, Temasys Communications Pte. Ltd., now also working out of Palo Alto, and Ottawa. 

Within the health sector, Temasys has a global partnership with OnelineCare, Michigan.

OnlineCare is an innovate health care technology startup providing collaborative connected care management by focusing on access, population, health management, bundle payments, preventive ED utilization, 30 days readmission, transitional care management, etc., integrated with medical devices and EMR’s, all on a smartphone.

OnlineCare’s voice,video and data infrastructure, as well as recording, screen sharing and cyber-secure encryption, is powered by Temasys through embedding Temasys’ real-time interactive software development kits.