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+47 93478506


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MUB Medical is an innovation company. We are inventing medical devices for the healthcare sector through inspirational engineering.

We are introducing a new technology for wound treatment. Wound treatments in emergency rooms all over the world are stressful. Severe gashes, cuts, or broken skins cause different reactions to patients and their companions. Doctors, nurses, and practitioners are under pressure to keep outpatients calm while performing stitches. How could this process become agile and time-saving? To answer this question, MUB Medical developed Sutrips®, a completely new approach to wound treatment. Sutrips® is an all-in-one suture tool. It combines all appliances available in a traditional stitching kit into one single device.

Sutrips® is in a final prototyping phase. The products has been trademark registered in a number of countries. Design registered in USA and EU. Patent has been filed in a number of countries and already approved in South-Africa and Australia. An EU patent is expected to be issued late 2021.

Sutrips® is easy to use and versatile. As its functionality eliminates the need for tying knots, it can be utilized by non-medical personnel in different situations, without previous experience requested. From military operations to sports practices, ambulances to animal care, Sutrips® is the ideal solution to start healing wounds.