Biotech — Digital health — eHealth (ICT) — Innovation Company —
19 - 20 september

Oslo Science Park, Gaustadalléen 21, 0349 Oslo

INNOLABS is searching for teams to generate innovative ideas solving challenges and revolutionizing healthcare. If you belong to the ICT, Health, Bio or Medicine Sectors and you are eager to make a difference, join our INNOLABS Hackathon in Oslo!

This will be the third large public workshop for leveraging cross sectorial capacity between the ICT, Health, BIO and Medicine sectors to enable new emerging industries in personalized health.

The hackathon will help SMEs to position themselves as favorable as possible for the upcoming INNOLABS Open Calls

The Hackathon Challenges

  1. Remote Rehabilitation
    How to deliver a patient-centred, well-coordinated, tailor-made rehabilitation process, as early as possible in the local community or in patients` homes?
  2. Home Care of Cancer Patients
    How to allow patients with cancer conditions to carry treatment at home with the right follow-up from healthcare providers?
  3. Patient Empowerment
    What new solutions can be found to allow elderly and people with dementia to keep their hygiene to an acceptable level with minimal staff support?

Time will be updated shortly.

September 19

  •  Moderator explains the design thinking methodology.
  •  Challenge owners explain the challenges.
  •  Teams build a better understanding of the challenge.
  •  Teams go into ‘ideation mode’.
  •  Challenge owners/business coaches available along the process to clarify doubts.

September 20

  •  Teams crystalize ideas into concept prototypes and prepare pitches.
  •  Challenge owners/business coaches available along the process to clarify doubts.
  •  Teams pitch their ideas.
  •  Jury votes and results are announced.