Post-Covid-19: Preparedness for future pandemics.

24 november
09:00 - 13:15


In this international project, Norway Health Tech is focusing on the long-term effects of the pandemic and what new challenges and needs this brings for the healthcare systems and societies around the globe.

Norway Health Tech has previously worked together with many international markets and will invite them again to tell us what they have learned and what they are expecting for the future. Norwegian experts will also be present. After the expert panel has presented and discussed the challenges, companies will have an opportunity to present their matching solutions.

Program (CET, Oslo time)
Part 1:  Learn from experts around the Globe

9.00 – Welcome and Introduction to the project/NHT

9.05 – Meet the experts:

  • China: Ulrik Hoksnes Karlsen, CEO and Founding Partner of Norient, Shanghai
  • China: Yan Huang, MD, PhD, Director of Department of Infectious Disease, Xiangya Hospital, Central South University
  • Germany: Dr. med. Jörg Timm, Head of Institute for Virology, University hospital Düsseldorf
  • Norway: Professor Ørjan Olsvik, Department of Medical Biology, University of Tromsø, Norway

Others to be announced!

9.15 – Expert Discussion

Topics: coming soon!

10.45 – Q&A

10.55 –  Wrapup part 1  and announcement for part 2.

Part 2: Company and Product demonstrations – Starting time 11.15am

11.15 – Welcome

11.20 – Company and Product demonstrations *

13.15 – Thanks and goodbye, announcement of further events in the series.

*Companies to be announced soon!

Are you interested in demonstrating your product/solution?

[APPLY NOW] for being visible through this virtual event with your matching product/service. By applying, you will also receive a spot on Norway Health Tech’s solution platform.

Participation is free of charge.

As a part of the application, we would like to know more about your solution, and will contact you to request further information from you:

  • What is the solution, and what will it solve?
  • More about you/your organization?
  • Who is the target group?

Your application will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Market readiness
  • Product fit for the respective day/topic
  • Available time slots

International companies very welcome! (We reserve the right to refuse international participation if the company’s solution stands in direct competition with a solution from a Norwegian company.)


Stay informed, get in touch! 

Gry Helene Stavseng – Advisor Innovation Projects, project management ghs@norwayhealthtech.com

Irene Chelliah – Medical Advisor, event coordination irc@norwayhealthtech.com

Snorre Grading – Project Assistant, solutions platform coordination sg@norwayhealthtech.com


This project is funded by Oslo Kommune








Dr. med. Jörg Timm

Founder - VIRAL-NRW (alliance against viral infections in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)

Gry Helene Stavseng

Advisor Innovation Projects - Norway Health Tech


Ulrik Hoksnes Karlsen

CEO and Founding Partner - Norient