Co-creating medical devices while ensuring regulatory compliance during development

17 november
09:00 - 10:30

Webinar, Oslo, Norway

Across industries, the pace to introduce new products is increasing putting pressure on companies to shorten the design and development cycles, medical devices are no exception in this respect. One very common question in the medical field is that because of the burdensome regulations and more complex business environment, is it really possible to get certified, high-quality medical products to the market quickly and smoothly?

Yes, it is. We’ve found that one answer in shortening the development cycle as a whole is to apply three commonly known methodologies of product development to medical device development: Design Thinking, Lean Start-up, and Agile. Join us to learn more how these methodologies can be applied to medical device development, to get certified, high-quality medical product to the market as quickly as possible despite the burdensome regulations and more complex business environment.

This webinar is open and free for anyone to attend.


  • Pauli Innamaa is currently working as Head of Digital Healthcare Solutions at Innokas Medical. Pauli is eager to find out effective and efficient ways and tools to develop medical devices, both physical and only SW, that comply with the regulations and product safety consideration pertinent to the business.
  • Pekka Pohjosaho currently working as Head of QA&RA Services at Innokas Medical. Pekka has led the development of Innokas Medical’s Design and Development process and has done early concepting work with customers, which is very important element of agile development.

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Pauli Innamaa

Head of Digital Healthcare Solutions - Innokas Medical

Pekka Pohjosaho

Head of QA&RA Services - Innokas Medical