A Post COVID-19 Collaboration in Health: Norway and Israel

11 november
09:00 - 11:00

Webinar on Quickchannel

The Covid-19 (C-19) pandemic has demonstrated the crucial need for increased international cooperation. There is a constant demand for C-19 solutions and products that can remedy and counteract the consequences of the current pandemic and mitigate any future crisis that are related or may arise. There is need for rapid development in order to respond to the crisis.

There is strong political support in Israel and Norway for increased cooperation within research, innovation and development between the two countries. This was also reflected in a memorandum of understanding signed on January 12, 2017. Health technology and e-health has been particularly pointed out as an issue of interest.

Israel is becoming a global hub of innovation, particularly within digital technologies, life sciences and medical equipment. Norway has a strong innovation ecosystem for developing health-related technologies. Both countries share challenges regarding aging populations, shortage of medical workforce as well as empowered, health conscious consumers. Both countries provide similar public social services and state-financed health facilities. Both health systems face profound transformations utilizing modern health technology to stay sustainable.
Webinar on post Covid-19 Norway-Israel

Due to the above, the Norwegian Embassy in Tel Aviv and Norway Health Tech has initiated two webinars on post Covid-19 issues such as health tech, digital solutions, communication and logistics. The webinars will focus on how to remedy and counteract different consequences of the current pandemic and mitigate any future crisis that are related or may arise.

The first webinar will focus on how and what Norwegian companies can contribute with to the Israeli market and health system. The second webinar will focus on Israeli companies and how they can contribute to the Norwegian market/ system.
When: The first webinar will be on November 11 from 9:00 to 11:00. The second webinar will tentatively take place in December.

Target group The ambition is to set up a virtual meeting place where buyers, procurers and top-level managers in different health markets get to know impactful C-19 solutions and products for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

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Webinar on Post Covid-19 Norway-Israel