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VitalThings offers the world’s most advanced contactless sensor and service for human vital signs detection and analysis. 

Years of research into radar chip technology and its application in healthcare led to the development of sleep monitor Somnofy and the founding of VitalThings AS in 2017. Somnofy analyzes nightly breathing rate and movements measured by the ultra low power radar to feed the cloud based services that enable advanced analysis, historical data, triggers and notifications. VitalThings’ machine learning algorithms can access well over 50.000 nights of sleep data.

The accuracy of the sleep quality measurements has been validated against the medical gold standard of sleep research: Polysomnography (PSG). In contrast to popular wearables and sleep trackers, Somnofy measures sleep phases with up to 90% agreement with independently manually scored PSG recorded in a sleep laboratory. This advantage in accuracy opens the possibility to study sleep in large populations and apply the system in health and welfare settings.

Somnofy is used today in: 

  • Senior care homes like Alvehaugen in Ulsteinvik
  • Detoxification clinic of Blå Kors Lade 
  • Other communal institutions across Norway
  • Athletes in cooperation with the Norwegian Olympic Federation
  • Elderly care at home
  • Numerous research projects (HUNT substudy, Sleep in Children, obstructive sleep apnea detection)

Future plans include production scale up, institutional B2B sales, home care B2C sales, research projects in Norway, Germany and Switzerland, as well as onboarding a large distributional partner for international expansion. 


Visit www.Somnofy.com for more information.