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Alf-Einar Løberg




Nordre Fokserød 12, 3241 Sandefjord



Vestfold Audio AS was founded in 1985, and we have over the years developed and manufactured products and solutions helping thousands of people in their daily activities.

Today we are the leading supplier of voice amplification systems, aids for the hearing impaired, alerting systems for homes and work places, and welfare technology for assistive living that also will include next of kind and the health care services.

We strive to deliver welfare technology of the highest quality, which are easy to use and fulfils the needs and requirements of the users. Vestfold Audio AS reside in our own tailored building in Sandefjord, where we develop and manufacture our own products.

Within the technical department our engineers develop both hardware and software, and they are always available for customer support. We also do customized solutions for the individual user with special needs. Vestfold Audio AS has an ISO9001 quality system in place.