St. Olavs Hospital

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Contact person

Lisa S. Græslie PhD, Project Leader


47 454 74 742


Prinsesse Kristinas gate 3, 7030 Trondheim



In the Emergency Department at St. Olav’s Hospital, new technology is needed to measure vital parameters contactless, continuously, and automatically. That is, heart rate, respiration, temperature, oxygen saturation in the blood, alertness and blood pressure. We have called the project Autoscore.

We now invite companies and professional communities who wants to work with us to develop a technological solution that meets our needs for the future to a Dialogue Conference, March 24 at 10.00 – 13.00. Here, we will present how we do measurements of vital parameters today and why this is not an optimal solution, and provide insights into our mapping of needs (i.e., patient, healthcare workers, and organization needs) for a new technology. In addition, we explain what an innovation partnership is, and you get the opportunity to ask questions about our initial mapping of needs and the further process if you want to collaborate with us in developing a new solution.

Read more about the dialogue conference and about the project on our website. Here you will also find our initial mapping of needs, a tentative program for the conference and a registration link: https://stolav.no/fag-og-forskning/innovasjon/autoskar

Our animated movie describes our needs in less than 2 minutes: (2) Autoskaar – we looking for a new way to meassure vital signs – YouTube