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Siri Stabel Olsen


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Gaustadalleén 21, NO-0349 Oslo, Norway



Point of Care (PoC) testing, also called rapid testing, is an important capability to improve human diagnostics and save costs. Rapid testing is also important to secure food safety from farm to table. Skannex offers automated reading of Rapid Tests used for human diagnostics, drug testing, veterinary testing and food/feed testing.

Skannex’s rapid testing solution offers:

  •  immediate test results;
  •  handheld- or desktop reader with wireless transfer of data ;
  •  a user friendly design that minimizes the risk of incorrect use;
  •  customers to develop their own reader instrument based on the Skannex software;
  •  to run many rapid tests in one run to increase throughput;

Skannex is a B2B company. Our customers are companies manufacturing Rapid Tests who require a reader to meet their market demands of automation. One group of Skannex’ customers are selling to physician’s offices, emergency units, clinics and patient care sites. Another group of Skannex’ customers are selling to Skannex reader adapted for their specific food toxicity tests to elevator mills, food processing companies, governmental food testing laboratories.

The powerful flexibility of Skannex reader technology allows its customers to increase their potential market share by offering a customizable platform for different rapid test formats.