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Vegard Urnes (CEO)






Harbitzalléen 2A, 0275 Oslo



SensCom has developed a sensor named “Diaper Sens”. The sensor can easily be mounted outside any incontinensproduct by using Diaper Sens Tape. Diaper Sens detects detects moisture, temperature, micro movement and position in the X,Y Z axis in real time to monitor, analyse and alert carers when the patient needs care. The sensor is reusable with one.-year life time.

“Diaper Sens Sensor” combined with “Diaper Sens App”, “Diaper Management Application” and “Diaper Sens Tape” is called “Diaper Sens Solution”.

The cloud-based platform to remotely monitor, analyze, alert and manage will be marketed and sold on a B2B licensed based business model. The benefits of using Diaper Sens Solution is that the caregivers can execute care when needed. This saves the care industry for significant costs, but also liberates time as to most limited resource. We work closely together with the elderly sector to improve efficiency but still motivating in a way that improve life quality and dignity for the elderly.