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Svein-Harald Utgård


+47 91324345




Håkon den gamles gate 5, 9008 Tromsø, Postboks 445, 9255 Tromsø

Arcid is the result of a merge between RisCo AS and IRX AS. Our history goes back to year 2000. After nearly 2 decades of experience in development, roll-out and maintenance of software for the health sector, we now have customers in both public and private market. Most of them in Norway, but we also have installations in Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

Arcid develop and supplies software for radiology workflow, communication and interaction for health providers, both public and private sector.

  • Secure mail. HelseMail is our easy, safe, secure and legal online transportation of confidential health information, also between countries in EU.
  • RIS. Combining high IT skills with deep knowledge of radiology workflow, we have made software for streamlining paperless workflow in the radiology department. Our new version of TRIS is running in the cloud, easy to implement in any organization.
  • Solutions that enable a secure and effective exchange of radiology information, offering integration to RIS, PACS and EPR systems. Teleradiology and exchange of historical data can be done seamlessly between the most common RIS and PACS installed I Norway .