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PERSS is a digital assistant for anamnesis and documentation. It simplifies and improves communication between doctors and patients by automating medical journey recording. PERSS makes everyday life easier for doctors that can spend more time focusing on the patient during consultation and less time on documentation. PERSS is developed by doctors and is 100% customized for clinical use.

PERSS is a cloud-based platform that collects detailed medical history through dynamic questionnaires. Patients fill out medical history prior consultation enabling doctors to prepare, be more efficient and spend 20% less time on documentation. PERSS was launched over four years ago and has been used in more than 50 000 clinical consultations to date. When using PERSS, patients are more satisfied with their consultations and are more confident in diagnosis and treatment.

PERSS can be used by general practitioners and specialists, and we have developed tailored solutions for all specialist fields. Free test period is available on our website.