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+47 40 63 93 21


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As parents of a child, Angelina, with the diagnosis of moderate mental disability, we have lived with challenges society sometimes categorizes as a “Problem” for several years. We have tried out various solutions and aids over the years, all of which, at best, have given us limited value and, at worst, created even more challenges than they have solved.

In her day-to-day life, only her immediate family understands Angelina. We are the only ones who have a special insight into who she is and her life. At the same time Angelina is now 17 years old and is facing a new phase in her life where social services and other public services will gradually take over more responsibility for Angelina. As her parents, it is very scary for us to hand over responsibility for our vulnerable daughter to others, with limited insight and understanding of how Angelina really feels. To ease our fears, we want to use our expertise and resources to solve this problem. Not just for us, but for everyone else in our situation.

In 2012, Marius developed a game on the iPad to contribute to Angelina’s learning and cognitive development, Angelina’s World. The application was used in schools, kindergartens and privately all over Norway, with over 10,000 downloads. This without any marketing. It received both national and international media coverage, which in turn was used to raise funds for Jeløy School (for the disabled) for the purchase of iPads and applications. The purpose was to cast a larger spotlight on the use of digital aids for this group.

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The name Pletly is inspired by the English word “completely”, as this is a comprehensive description of our vision. We will be a total supplier of applications that are gathered under a comprehensive ecosystem. We want to produce products that are so flexible that they cover the entire need of the user, but also the entire need of their caregivers. Pletly Pal, which is the very heart of the ecosystem, will help ensure that all people interacting with the user have access to the user’s entire life and needs. Our users should feel whole.

Pletly is an ecosystem with assistive technology for the mentally impaired, the elderly and everyone else with special needs. With an application, Pletly Pal, as a hub / remote control and central to the entire ecosystem, both relatives and users can have a central point for both administration of associated applications and relevant communication regarding users. The Pletly ecosystem uses modern technology such as cloud solution, machine learning, UI / UX, etc. to create added value for users. This will make users confident in a holistic design expression that they are familiar with, be able to communicate to relatives things that artificial intelligence picks up and always keep all relatives’ devices in sync.

Pletly as an ecosystem will also have a strong focus on collaboration with other assistive technology applications and create interaction between applications via API. This creates value for Pletly as an ecosystem, but also for partners who can take part in the ecosystem.