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Andreas Alsvik




Johan Scharffenbergs vei 39, 0694 Oslo





Peer-it is developing a digital tool with the goal “Find your way to change”. In order to succeed with change and development, it has to prioritize the people, both employees, and management. Peer-it works to ensure that everyone at the workplace masters their everyday assignments. It involves a work environment characterized by collaboration, professional challenges, inclusion and trust. We want to create attractive workplaces with low turnover and low sickness absence.

We are developing a tool that:

  • Provides managers with an easily accessible overview of the company’s results, progress, needs, and challenges.
  • Ensures proximity to the work situation so that adjustment and development take place on the basis of actual needs.
  • Makes it possible to share experiences and learn internally, vertically, and horizontally in the company.

With us, you can choose between tools such as certified mentoring, student mentoring, informal group mentoring, leadership coaching, and mentoring for new employees.