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Marius Øgaard


+47 928 46 621


Gaustadalléen 21, 0349 Oslo



Oslotech aims to contribute to economic growth and to be a catalyst for the start of new companies in Norway, focusing on the Oslo region. Oslotech runs the Oslo Science Park and develop workspaces and offices that makesinnovation easier. Today more than 250 companies and 2500 people have their daily workplace in the park. Many of these have global ambitions in ICT, biotech, health and medtech, energy and environment. Many companies are born and raised here during the last 28 years, like Chipcon, Kelkoo, KappaBio Science, Zwipe, Affitech, Genomar, Taskon, AIMS Technology, Vaccibody, Vitas, Ardoq and DragonBox etc.

Oslotech Initiates and develop networks and clusters. Examples are Science for Society, Build2Grow og The Life Science Cluster. We provide courses and workshops in entrepreneurship and innovation in Science for Society and Build2Grow. Oslotech are also one of the proud sponsors of the incubators StartupLab (tech) and Aleap (health).

Every year Oslotech and partners organize and host many different events in our large in-house conference centre, bringing together students, researchers, enterpreneurs, people from industry, and investors. The Cutting Edge Festival gathers more than 1400 participants, and together with Corporate Innovation Day they makes the largest events in our neighborhood.