Norsk Førstehjelp AS

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Terje M. Halvorsen


+47 952 86 007


C/O Oppfølgingsenheten Frisk, Wergelandsveien 1, 0167 Oslo



Norsk Førstehjelp AS vision is that nobody should die of cardiac arrest at work or at home.

When a cardiac arrest does occur, the goal should be calling for ambulance within 1 minute, starting CPR within 1 minute and the use of a defibrillator within 3 minutes.

We offer a full range concept consisting of high-quality defibrillators, first aid equipment customized for our clients, first aid courses focused on practical lifesaving training, and maintenance and update on equipment and first aid skills.

Norsk Førstehjelp take the responsibility to make sure your defibrillator and first aid equipment are up to date, and are ready for use when a cardiac arrest does occur. We offer you this responsibility through our maintenance agreement. We also offer you intervention when the crisis of a serious accident has occurred. We take care, not only of your defibrillator and first aid equipment, but also your employees.