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Irmelin Bergh / Stine Camilla Bjerkestrand




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We in Netlife Design can help you with:

Insight, data and analysis

If you want digital success you need to understand your customers. We can help you to get the right insight – a solid ground to build upon. We offer you service design, customer journey mapping, segmentation, data quality, target groups, analytical models, user testing and interviews.

Branding and identity

Customers like it when you are clear about who you are and what you stand for. Together we find and cultivate your strengths – everything from a communication concept, language and expression, visual identity to a complete design system.

Digital products

People love digital products that are easy to use. We make everything from websites and apps to complex systems, digital services, intranets and more by working across the disciplines of design, content and technology.

In Netlife Design we have our own health team with people who have worked as health care professionals and/or have solid experience from working for several years within the different domains of health care. This means we understand the field – we see the possibilities, but also the many challenges health care workers are up against.