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Jon Ingar Kjenes, CEO


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In 2012, we were involved in a project with the municipality of Bergen, where the purpose was to motivate the elderly and people with dementia to become more physically active. The results of the project were so good that we wanted to start a company to offer the concept throughout the Nordic region.

Motitech AS was therefore established in October 2013.

Today, we help institutions and daycare-centers in Europe and North America to provide an increased offer of training for the elderly. We do this through Motiview.

Motiview is a motivational tool that stimulates seniors and people with dementia to increased physical activity.

Using video and sound, the user can ride a bike in familiar surroundings and childhood memories.

The concept is easy to use and consists a display device with motivational films, combined with a custom bike.

We in Motitech are particularly concerned that the elderly and people with dementia will have increased quality of life and better health.