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We supply Mobile hospital for Covid-19.

Our project group has developed a mobile, flexible solution for high-quality intensive care of patients and which is adapted to infection control considerations to provide the highest possible protection for medical personnel. This solution could be a valuable supplement to the hospitals we already have here in Norway, and be excellent for aid organizations and deployed military personnel who are to perform medical treatment. In addition, our project can be used as extraordinary operating theaters and post-operative beds to deploy temporary, extra capacity to reduce health queues.

One of the biggest challenges in this pandemic is the lack of qualified healthcare professionals who can handle a large number of patients with serious and dangerous infections. In addition to the functions such as Covid-19 hospital and extra capacity for carrying out operations, our facility can also be used for education and training purposes, to qualify more health workers for this type of work with patients with dangerous infections.

Through this research and development study, we want to optimize our technical solutions in consultation with relevant users and qualified medical personnel, so that we ensure the highest quality and rapid mobilization of a well-functioning ICU (Intensive Care / Infection Department). For national contingency reasons, we want to make extensive use of components and solutions that are already available from established suppliers in Norway.

In our opinion, it is of crucial importance for our national preparedness that our Project is realized, primarily as a pilot project, later as a full-scale project, in order to optimize our proposed technical and medical solutions.


Our concept has now developed to be very flexible as we now have 3 different cohorts based on the same 5 containers:

· 1 Post with a cohort of 5 beds including a small operating room

· 1 Post with 1 operating room with 2 postop beds

with 2 operating rooms.

We have established a collaboration with BNS Container, which is one of the Nordic region’s leading container companies that rebuilds containers for alternative use.

We also collaborate with OBS Technology, which is developing a new type of respirator. They have promised to prioritize us and deliver what we need in our ICU units.