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Kari E. Krogstad


+47 23 05 96 92


Økernveien 94, 0579 Oslo



Medistim is a Norwegian company that develops, sells, and distributes medical devices that measure blood flow and visualize atherosclerosis, which helps improve the quality and outcome of cardiac and vascular surgery. Being an innovator and market leader within intra-operative transit time flow measurement (TTFM) and ultrasound imaging, Medistim is serving the global market with the devices VeriQ™, VeriQ C™ and the latest generation, MiraQ™. These systems enable medical professionals to reduce the risk of death and stroke, providing clinically relevant information that empowers surgeons to make better-informed decisions in the operating room. Our TTFM technology became part of the ESC/EACTS guidelines on myocardial revascularization in 2010 and reissued in 2014. In 2011, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommended our VeriQ™ system for routine use within the UK national health system (NHS). In 2016, Medistim’s technology achieved reimbursement in Japan for the routine use of blood flow measurement and intraoperative ultrasound imaging during coronary bypass surgery procedures. Medistim has wholly owned subsidiaries with marketing and sales organizations in the USA, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Denmark, and Norway, in addition to a global distributor network representing the company in more than 50 countries in Asia, Europe, America and Africa.