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Medcare AS represents Chromaviso and Chordate Medical in Norway.

Chromaviso is a Danish company that has been working on research and development of Circadian lightning and Ergonomic light for over 10 years. Chromaviso is a science-based company with tailor-made lighting solutions for the healthcare industry. Together with the users, they have developed the unique light concept Ergonomic lightning and Circadian lightning. They have over 1100 installations in Scandinavia with a user satisfaction over 90%.

Ergonomic Light make better screen image, less tired and less errors. Ergonomic light is a zone-divided colored and white light for operation and examination rooms. The light solution consists the effective combination of green and red light that provides documented results in HSE, patient safety and higher quality of procedures.

Benefits of ergonomic light

• Reduces reflections on the screen and increases image quality

• Reduces the strain on the eye which reduces stress and consumes less energy.

• Less tired and increased concentration

• Zone-divided light facilitates the best light for all professional groups at the same time

• High user satisfaction

• Very user-friendly

• High quality LED luminaires that provide all colors in addition to white Daylight

Circadian lightning changes automatically according to a light protocol throughout the day to recreate the natural light outside. This clinically documented light protocol’s cycle will address the need that natural light gives us through increased and reduced energy. This protocol is developed in collaboration with sleep experts, doctors and researchers. The light settings change according to the patient, the resident or the employee’s situation during the day, which requires a special light, for example, a flicker-free blue light at day and the blue light disappears at night.

The benefits of Circadian lightning

• Proven effect on depression, sleep, well-being, appetite and behavior.

• Specially developed flicker-free blue light, ensures the staff’s optimal lighting while ensuring that the body’s rhythm is not disturbed.

• Clinically documented light protocols that are customized to users.

• Fully oriented user interface with regard to work function, activity and therapeutic purposes for both patient / occupant and employees.

• Can be connected to most systems and controls like ipad etc

You can read more at: http://www.chromaviso.no

Chordate Medical has developed a treatment method called “Kinetic Oscillation Stimulation” (KOS). Investigations show that over 20% of Europe’s population has chronic Rhinitis, so this treatment method could help very many. By this method you do not use surgery, anesthesia or drugs. It therefore has no side effects and no rehabilitation time. The treatment is done by inserting a balloon catheter into each nostrils for ten minutes on each nostrils. The balloon catheter is filled with air to a preset press and then set to vibrate at a particular frequency using a computer controlled system. Here the autonomic nervous system is stimulated in the nasal wall. Treatment with the Chordate system has proven to be a safe and effective treatment method without side effects. A treatment is effective in a short period of time and can be treated by a doctor or nurse. Although the symptoms improve with just one treatment, studies have shown that the treatment effect increases if the patient receives subsequent treatments 4 weeks after the first treatment.

You can read more at: http://www.chordate.com