Max Manus AS

Contact person

Martin Elster


+47 23 00 74 84


Sandakerveien 138, 0484 Oslo.

Who is Max Manus? We are a software company with modern solutions and a proud history and heritage. Throughout nearly 20 years Max Manus Group has been creating the best possible digital solutions in the field of digital dictation and speech recognition primarily for the healthcare sector in Scandinavia. Our speech recognition software delivers a fast and reliable conversion from speech to text. When using our software, the medical personnel are able to reduce the countless hours spent on registering patient data.

Speech recognition additionally improves patient safety by preventing health and safety errors due to insufficient data from occurring. Patient data is instantaneously available to all medical personnel. We currently have over 8.900 users of our speech recognition software and over 20.000 users of our digital dictation software. We have a long and proud history. Max Manus Group was originally founded in the ashes of WWII in 1946 by a Norwegian national hero and courageous freedom fighter named Max Manus.

Max Manus had a passionate iron will for eradicating injustice and making a difference. His days amongst the Norwegian freedom fighters during WWII has since made him known worldwide as a daring saboteur, who made life complicated for the German troops stationed in Norway. When the war ended, Max Manus used his admirable drive and passion to create the Max Manus Group.

The essence of Max Manus still remains in our organizational culture and in everything we do. Our software holds a passion for cutting edge innovation and change.