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Zy Kristoffersen


+47 40645656


+47 40645656


Øvre Eikervei 14, 3048 Drammen, Norway



Lion Healthcare is a Norwegian biotech company developing next generations solutions for prevention and treatment support of type 2 diabetes.

Lion Heaslthcare’s vision is to improve the quality of life through innovation. The problem we are solving is that there are over 420 millions diabetics in the world and most of these living in countries without access to proper affordable healthcare. Our patented proprietary molecule combination for prevention of type 2 diabetes (TDM) and treatment support of early stage TDM provides the vast diabetic population around the world an effective and affordable alternative. In addition, we provide diabetics with access to proper healthcare a tool to prevent and slow down the development of the type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, our solution contributes to the cost reduction for the societies around world. Diabetes costs the world $834 billions yearly, and this expense is strangling the healthcare system in many countries.

The solution of Lion Healthcare has sound scientific documentations and is based om sustainable marine resources from Norway. We save both the lives of millions and the environment!