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Labrida is a Norwegian biotech company developing and marketing innovative and regulatory approved products for maintenance of dental implants. This focus is motivated by the strong demand for better and more user-friendly instruments addressing peri-implant disease, affecting more than 50 million patients world wide.

Labrida has launched its first product, Labrida BioClean®, which is a revision device (brush) for non-surgical treatment of peri-implant disease, based on biopolymers. Labrida BioClean® consists of a

working end made of fast-degrading chitosan, and is used professionally by dentists, specialists and dental hygienists.

Chitosan is completely biocompatibel, anti-inflammatory and quickly resorbed, contributing to the healing process. Labrida BioClean® is CE -market, scientifically documented and patented. In a European multicenter clinical study it was demonstrated that the use of Labrida BioClean® leads to a significant reduction in clinical parameters of peri-implant inflammation. Labrida is currently conducting a multi-center study addressing the treatment of a more advanced peri-implant inflammation.

Labrida has established distributors in Nordics, Poland and Israel, and is now working on further introducing Labrida BioClean® in Europe.

Labrida AS is ISO 13485:2003 certified.