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Kjell Lerøy


56 19 30 65 / 901 74 599


Gjerstadvegen 53, 5282 Lonevåg



After many years as a supplier of fine mechanics to several different industries, K. Lerøy Metallindustri AS has gained a lot of experience in this area. Strict tolerance requirements and difficult materials obviously require advanced machines and measuring equipment, but also the right competence. Skilled employees who meets new challenges head-on has pushed the limits for what they themselves thought was possible to produce. It is not just pressing “start” when you want to machine parts to Subsea in challenging material or to make tiny parts for a heart pump.

K. Lerøy Metallindustri AS started as a supplier to the furniture industry in 1957. Over the years, the company has expanded its customer group into several different industries, including Subsea, the defence industry and health sector. Collaboration with many different companies with different requirements and needs is one of K.Lerøy Metallindusti AS’s strengths. The company works as a node for knowledge transfer between industries, which benefits the customers, whether you are looking for a low-cost sheet metal construction or complex turning and milling parts.