Inonit AS

eHealth (ICT) —

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Jan William Haagensen


913 47525


Uranienborgveien 13, 0351 Oslo



Inonit is an Oslo-based IT company founded in 2013. We are about 10 employees as of May 2017, most of which are developers and solution architects. We work with a diverse set of customers, in many different industries, but have a particular interest in entrepreneurs/start-up companies and healthcare technology.

With us, you get access to highly skilled professionals who do not take shortcuts at the expense of quality… Our developers master the latest in tools and technologies to develop applications and solutions for both web and mobile platforms. In addition, we have expertise and experience in business development, financing, go-to-market models/strategies, and more.

Recently, we have assisted customers such as Videxio, Telenor, Sunnaas Hospital, Jodacare, Depict, 3D Bolig, Mellby Garage, Skytruth, University of Oslo, Fabriscale Technologies, Nicarnica Aviation, and more.

We have experience and expertise from the entire product life cycle, from the early planning phase, wireframing, prototyping, MVP, to the finished product. We offer cloud-based hosting (we are a certified Amazon partner). We offer different support packages and, of course, we take responsibility for further development of our customers’ solutions.