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Håkon Lie


95 90 31 30


InformaMedica AS, Gulleråsveien 53, 0779 Oslo.

Informa Medica are visualy based programs made for healthpersonal and the general population.

A computer based program concerning musculosceletal disorders, helps the doctors and physiotherapists to find the cause of the patients discomfort (the exact diagnosis), while anatomic illustrations tells the doctor and the patient what’s wrong in their musculosceletal system. The patient presentation of the program ends up with treatment modalities, partly in a visual lay out.

In addition InformaMedica has three Appversions, one based on the the non traumatic disorders in the musculoscelatal program, to be used by the general population without medical skills.

The two last App programs focus on stressproblems, also in a partly visual presentation, one for the adults and one for the teenagers, to help them find the cause of their stress, and how to deal with them in a selftreatment manner.