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Ronny A. Nilsen


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Improve Performance International is a Software Start Up Company as far as it was a buy-out process from ResultatPartner (ResultPartner) in 2017.
Before then; our Software has been gradually evolved and developed since 1995 as part of Trainings towards clients within Business, Sports and Health.
It is a unique digital Software platform to Plan, Execute and Follow Up projects regarding improvements.

«Passion to Improve».
Changing habits is hard. It requires a new way of thinking and living. Anyone who has tried it – agree. Anyone who has succeeded and improved it – also agree – it IS a better life. Passion to Improve is the inner willingness to make that change. No matter how hard. Our Vision is to never let go of that passion. It’s the most important factor in any behavior change. And we believe there is hardly nothing that can`t be improved.

«Improve Global Health».
For more than 27 years, we have focused on helping customers achieve their goals in Business and Life. Over time, we have built up a wealth of expertise which we share across our global network of improvement specialists – so that our customers can benefit from the best ideas. Global Health is severe, and we want to make that change and improve quality in Life.