iGT Technology

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Carine Zeier


+47 4550 6901


Escalon Services Norway AS Torggata 13

iGT is an IoT Enterprise Software company ensuring seniors can live active and dignified lives. Among other applications, we detect falls with a 4x more accuracy than other automated fall systems and ensure staff at any type of senior living and nursing facility is alerted in real-time.

With an aging population and a global health workforce shortage we address the increasing need for efficiency and accuracy in remote and predictive patient management. All of our solutions are non-intrusive, meaning we ensure people are not monitored in unethical ways.

Delivering real-time data insight in IoT is not trivial. How we handle events, commands and queries is key to how we can handle large data volumes data in real-time. We ensure the right notification and alarms from a range of IoT devices reaches the right person with the right skillset at the right time. The iGT IoT Platform has been tested with remote patient monitoring with as much as 500 million events per sec.

Based on open standards and APIs, the solution integrates easily across any organization’s other IT infrastructure, systems and solutions.