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Fight the spread of infectious diseases with human-safe UV light.

Contaminated air and surfaces are reservoirs for the transmission of pathogens, hence environmental cleaning is essential for reducing the subsequent risks. This is why hospitals and clinics strive to maintain exhaustive hygiene standards.

UV light is a well-known method for disinfection, that has been used through 70-80 years. I.e., most of the drinking water in Norway is treated by UV light. The challenge with the existing technology is that the light emitted is of a wavelength that is harmful to the skin and eyes of man. Hence, this UV light cannot be active in rooms when people are present.

Now there is a new, game changing technology on the market. Far UV-C / UV222 has a new type of light source that emits light of a wavelength that is harmless to humans and animals. The lamp can therefore be active even if there are people present in the room. Hence, Far UV-C / UV222 will provide constant disinfection of air and surfaces – 24 hours per day.

Far UV-C rapidly inactivates many common airborne and surface pathogens such as virus, bacteria, mould, mites, spores, fungi, and even antibiotic-resistant bacteria like MRSA. UV222 harnesses this game changing technology, offering a highly effective solution for surface and air disinfection. It can be used in all spaces and is safe to use in the presence of people, making it an essential tool to prevent the spread of existing and emerging viruses and other potential infections.

Fram Medico is the representative for UV Medico in Norway, providing solutions to ensure safe environments in the health sector; to both employees and patients.