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Øystein Theodor Ødegaard-Olsen






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Eupnea develops a sensor for continuous measurement of respiratory rate

Vision: Help improve how current medicine examines, diganostises and monitors patients.

What is Respiratory Rate?

Respiratory rate is the vital parameter that first changes with disease progression.

Today, manual breathing rate counts are performed, along with the other vital parameters (Pulse, BT, Temperature, SpO2) of nursing staff 1-3 times per day per patient.

Manual breathing rate counts have measurement bias both due to patient and caregiver factors.

What are we developing?

Eupnea develops a sensor for automatic recording of breathing rate.

By making the registration autonomous, the nursing resources can be better utilized. The measurement data becomes more reliable and changes in disease status can be detected more quickly.

Target: Our sensor aims to detect the respiratory rate that is considered to be the most reliable and important parameter that changes most rapidly in disease progression

Business concept:

Develop a cost-effective sensor for continuous monitoring of respiratory rate. The usefulness lies in early observation of disease progression.