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COPRA DRIFT AS is a wholesaler of ventilation and disinfection equipment.

Primarily we have been working in the maritime industry as supplier of complete HVAC systems and products related to this market segment, also including spareparts. In addition to this we have a considerable stock of ventilation filters including HEPA filters for hospitals and nurseries, private and public.

Wanting to be a more sustainable and “green” company we have searched for new markets and products.

In 2019 we entered into an agreement with Infuser, a Danish company, to deliver disinfection technology to the Norwegian market.

The special patent is developed in cooperation with the University of Copenhagen and factory producing the Sterisafe Pro Disinfection robot is located in Vellinge Sweden.

In short: The newly developed technology produce clean ozon without any biproducts for example NOX which the old technology could not handle.

Using the robot: The Sterisafe Pro is placed in the middle of the room to be disinfected, connect the electrical plug and fills water on the 10 liter water tank. The room is then sealed off. The disinfection robot is started via the tablet and the machine creates ozon from the oxygen in the room. The ozon is mixed with a watermist ejected from the top of the machine. The water makes the ozon connect more easily to bacteria, virus, fungus etc. When the disinfection cycle is finished the sequence is reversed, taking back the ozon and transforms this to oxygen. Simultaneously the machine removes particles and nanoparticles in the air and cleans it. After the cycle the machine has disinfected the room up to LOG 7 level (99.9999%)

The room is immediately ready for use and there is no need to ventilate any chemical substances.

Read more on: https://www.copra.no/product-category/sterisafe-pro/