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Morten Lindberget


+47 928 46 580


Sinsenveien 53D, 0585 Oslo



Based on our inventive technology, CondAlign (CA) develops materials and processes for the next generation ECG-electrodes, as well as numerous other products within the anisotropic conductive film area.

ECG-electrodes based on our technology will not need the hydro-gel/silver chloride typically used in current versions. Replacing this substance is believed to reduce, and even avoid skin dry out and irritation for the patient, and enable extended user time of each electrode. This can again allow for more home-based diagnostic, with reduced hospitalization and other positive socio economic effects as result.

CA’s unique and patented technology combines commodity substances to create advanced, complex materials. We manipulate the particle structures by applying electric fields, which allows for a dramatic reduction in filler particles and leads to improved material properties. The benefits are reduced costs and enhanced performance, enabling a wide range of novel and innovative products in several application areas.

The technology is demonstrated in processes suitable for large scale production lines.

We are continuously in search for new collaborators, customers and application areas on the global arena, and welcome anybody who spots an opportunity to utilize our technology to contact us for exchanging ideas.