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Einar Mørk


+ 47 40 00 42 79


Arnstein Arnebergs vei 30, 1366 Lysaker



Calpro AS was founded by the inventors of the technology behind the ELISA kits for determination of calprotectin in stools and other biological materials. The company is based in Oslo and has the benefit of close professional links with many of the major clinical research departments and medical establishments in Norway, Europe and the USA.

Calpro AS provides high quality total solution for Calprotectin analysis. From fully automated system, to home monitoring of patients with IBD. The CalproLab™ ELISA kit is validated for testing on faeces, plasma/serum samples, enabling among others assessment of IBD, rheumatic diseases and distinction between bacterial and viral infections. EasyExtract™ Prefilled faces extraction device for extraction and sampling. Ideal for home sampling.

Fits straight into Dynex Ds2 ELISA. The CalproSmart™ kit is validated and approved for self-testing, and is used for monitoring IBD treatment using a SMART phone, trending the quantitative levels of Calprotectin, and improving patient quality of life. High quality products from Calpro AS are being distributed worldwide.