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Dr Ralf Schmidt




Engebrets vei 3, 0275, Oslo, Norway



Wound treatment is a major healthcare cost for all developed countries. Ideally, wounds at-risk of becoming chronic in high-risk patients should be treated from the outset with the most effective products (such as collagen based dressings), however, due to cost considerations, this is not the case.

BIOVOTEC, an innovative biotech SME company with the vision of making advanced wound care treatment available to everyone is currently developing a cost-effective wound dressing that can be used for initial treatment of all wounds at risk of delayed or non-healing, reducing the incidence of chronic wounds.

BIOVOTEC wound dressing is based on a novel biomaterial derived from eggshell membrane (ESM) – a by-product readily available in the egg industry. The product has been tested excessively in different animal models and has been shown to be safe and as effective as advanced collagen based products. However, the targeted sales prize is below 40% of the comparable cheapest biological dressing.

Due to this unique prize vs efficacy Biovotec’s product may be a game changer offering an unrivaled advantage for both patients and clinicians saving both time and treatment costs. Clinical trials are planned for the end of 2017 and first half of 2018 followed by a product launch of Biovotec’s first product Biocure.