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Magne Arne Brekke






Trollhaugmyra 15, 5353 Straume



We are a Tech Company founded in 2006. We have many years of experience in Data Integration, Visualization and Collaborative where we have developed Tolls for  interactive work. Our expertise is in ITC and IT application development. Even though a lot of our engagments have been in the Oil and Gas Industry we consider our self as a ITC Tech Company with dedication to our spesialiced fields.

However I have personally many years experience from Medical, working for GE with CT, MR and Ultrasound.

Our visualization is generic so is our Integration adn collaboration technologies. Our Mission is to satisfy our customers in providing better tools for theier everyday work, enabeling workflows to be improved and the collaboration to improve quality and effeciency.

In a short summay this means Integration of various data increas Insight to the problems and the tools to shar thsi information improve the quality of conclusions as well as improving effeciency and quality of the work.

Our success is our customers success and is achieved in the way we closely partners with our customers in every project. The closer the relationship the higher the success factor.