Operating Room of the Future

Contact person

Jan Gunnar Skogås


+47 982 80 585


Olav Kyrres gate 10, 7030 Trondheim






The Operating Room of the Future (FOR) is a research infrastructure facilitating research at St. Olavs hospital. FOR facilitates research and development in the surgical fields, with focus on minimal invasive image-guides treatment and medical technology. FOR is a collaboration between St. Olavs hospital, University Hospital, Trondheim and Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim.

FOR is an interdisciplinary area for clinical research and for the development of medical technology. FOR is setup to promote a close collaboration between clinicians, technologists, researchers and industrial partners.

FOR has its basis in six operating rooms at St. Olavs hospital. These operating rooms are designed for development, testing and implementation of new technology and new treatment modalities. Here, prototypes can be developed and tested in safe and controlled environments.

The Operation Room of the Future will contribute to improve technological and clinical research, which will improve patient treatment nationally as well as internationally.