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Tor Hellebostad






Forusbeen 78, 4033 Stavanger | Gaustadalleen 21, 0349 Oslo





Globus AI (www.globus.ai) develops cloud based software (AIaaS) that simplifies everyday life for planners and health care professionals. By analyzing large (and small) amounts of data in real time, in combination with advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence, we reduce the uncertainty in daily operations.

Recommended actions and plans related to staffing levels, right competence at the right time, and rapid plan iterations are provided. An active learning-based recommendation system ensures continuous learning from user interaction. Solutions can be delivered as standalone products or as integration into existing system (so-called AI as a service).

To further improve operational efficiency, IoT connected medical devices, can be connected to the Globus platform. Predictive (and prescriptive) maintenance application ensure continuous delivery of high quality care. The application is being implemented at Laerdal Medical to support their growing operations in the US and their goal of saving 500,000 lives – every year – by 2020.

Globus AI has demonstrated solid traction so far with several paying customers. They recently graduated from StartupLab’s accelerator program and is currently participating in the Tech City Executive Accelerator in London.