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Monica Berstad Mæland


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Vassetvegen 43, 6030 Langevåg.





Letsip has developed products with focus on the difficulties of people in all ages. DS, CP, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, muscular sclerosis, debilitations or reduced sensory function. Letsip started sale of their products in 2016 in Europe.

A lot of mouth breathers find it easier to train with the Letsip products, due to the opening allowing for free breathing. The different sizes of the Letsip products gives different exercises for cheeks and lips. The biggest stimulates large parts of the cheek.

The smallest exercise the lips more whilst stabilizing the cheeks. The V-series reaches deep into the musculature with its sonic vibration. Letsip K-series exercises and stimulates the tounge through moving of a .39″​ ball.

Letsip Tounge Stopper bottle makes the transition to the right way to drink easier Letsip products can also suit children with difficulties articulating, where the child doesn´t benefit from regular articulation training.

This includes children with dyspraxia, sensory challenges and fronting/backing issues. Letsip tools can be an aid in the work with basic speech requirements. Letsip’s products are based on general research on the topics of motor learning, sensory stimulation, strength and mobility training.