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Matti Salo


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+358 505335651


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Artekno Oy is working deeply within the HealthTech- and Medical- industry in Finland and Sweden, we are a subcontractor of components to Health and Medical technology equipment.

We help our customers to design and develop equipment to the industry, typical solutions are mechanical parts of equipment, casings boxes, panels, casings, trays and so on. Custom made high quality plastic parts, often with integrated functions or metal parts.

Our productions methods are especially suitable for moderate series of less than 1000 “machines” a year, typically test, treatments, laboratory, analyzing etc equipment.

We have worked with the medical device manufacturing industries for decades so we are very familiar with the requirements within and we offer a flexible service everything from product design to sub-assembly supplies or just simple component manufacturing everything according to customer spec.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details how to solve your medical equipment’s mechanical solutions.