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Ida Husby Swendgaard


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Grensen 17, 0159 Oslo



Noba is a digital tool for people suffering from diseases where the right diet is a part of the treatment. Our goal is to make sure that patients with dietary related diseases get an improved quality of life, which in turn will improve the global public health.

The patient is guided through complex diets and is able to log both intake and symptoms to get a better overview over what causes different symptoms. We are also able to connect the patient with the right specialist if needed. We have worked closely with competent professionals during the development of Noba, which we will also continue with going forward.

Today, Noba focuses on digital treatment of patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), affecting 15% of the Norwegian population. Even though IBS is not a deadly disease, it has a huge impact on the patients daily lives. Many report that they suffer from fatigue, depression and anxiety in addition to scoring low on quality of life (QoL).