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+47 952 68 805


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A world in rapid change creates both significant opportunities and new challenges for the health sector. By the use of unique tools and innovation methodology, Deloitte provides insight into the latest trends and assists participants in the health sector to continuously adapt to a changing market.

We assist our clients within the different strands of innovation in order to be able to facilitate for innovation; from insight and understanding of trends, development of innovation- and digital strategies, and establishment of internal innovation organizations to implementation of innovation- and pilot projects. We are experts in caching new market trends and are a well-established link between creative firms, such as start-ups, and organizations that are willing to change.

Deloitte provides industry-leading consulting, risk and financial advisory, audit & assurance and legal services. We are Norway’s largest provider of advisory services in the health sector. Several of our employees are doctors, nurses, economists with health specialization and consultants with managerial experience from the health sector. With over 100 employees with solid strategical, economical and technical (e-health) experience within the health sector, we possess both the competence and the capacity to deliver and implement projects.

We have great focus on understanding the complexity of the health sector. Deloitte has two Centers for Health Solutions, one in the UK and one in the US, which are dedicated to and work exclusively with the health sector. We look deeper at the biggest industry issues, providing cutting-edge research to give our clients the insights they need to see things differently. Every client has access to an interdisciplinary team that can consult with experienced colleagues across industries, sectors and subject specific disciplines at both Deloitte’s local and national offices.

This makes Deloitte capable of contributing with deep insight and qualified opinions about problems surrounding both the daily operations of the organization and give well-reasoned input about future scenarios.