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Thomas de Mora






Torggata 2, 0181 Oslo





dHealth AS is owned by de Mora and Inven2 AS and aims to commercialize research results from the Department of Digital Health Research at Oslo University Hospital. The company started its operation 01.01.2021 and has a portfolio of 4 products that we present to the market:

  • Sisom is a digital tool developed for children with illness. With the help of a gaming experience where the children virtually travel to five different islands where they answer questions in connection with preparations for a doctor / hospital visit. The answers provide valuable information to hospital staff about how the child really feels, both emotionally and physically.
  • EPIO is a digital tool for people living with long-term pain, and should be a tool for pain management in everyday life. The program has knowledge-disseminating, psychoeducational information. It provides insight into how pain can lead to negative thinking patterns, and how these can be broken. EPIO also has exercises for relaxation, and will contribute to the balance between rest and activity.
  • eCHANGE is a digital tool to help previously overweight people keep their weight down over time, so-called weigthstabilization after weight loss. The biggest challenge for the overweight is not necessarily to lose weight, but to be able to maintain the new weight. As many as 75% struggle with this. eCHANGE is designed so that users can focus on creating new and useful habits, and it should be a motivator and support in everyday life.
  • The StressProffen (stress professional) is a digital tool for people with cancer, and after cancer, to help them in this challenging situation. StressProffen explains what happens to the body physiologically when it experiences a stressful situation, and contains recognized knowledge-sharing, psychoeducational, information and exercises to better understand, cope with and live with stressful factors around the disease in everyday life.